As the saying goes, Time and Tide wait for none, Downtown Abbey’s Allen Leech’s broken heart also seems to move along with time. It sure seems like his heart is healing, as he previously appeared in the headlines for his break up news with Charlie Webster. Has he found the new girl after a breakup?

Let’s get to know if Allen Leech is dating or has a girlfriend, or not. Also, let’s get on the topic of his break up with Charlie and why he was speculated to be gay. [We have an update on his marriage. So, keep reading] 

Allen Leech Married or Dating? Not Heartbroken over his Break up with Girlfriend

If you are searching if Allen has a girlfriend or not, it’s a big surprise to you that he is not dating. Leech has been focusing more on his work and career as of lately. He hasn’t been dating or seeing anyone in recently. Hearing this news, you may speculate it is because of his ex-relationship with Charlie Webster, but that is certainly not the case. They both ended things very neatly and on good terms.

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Allen and Charlie started dating around May of 2014. Both claimed to be matching pair because of their sense of humor. The couple always had great things to say about each other and their relationship. She said,

“Then there was a quiz and we were having a lot of banter. I think that’s why we clicked because we are really similar when it comes to humor.”

But they had to subside their good moments and sacrificed for their rising career. They both broke up after almost a year of dating. Charlie Webster, later, broke the silence about their break up saying,

‘Downton Abbey has just finished and he is going to go on to a huge career. And my career is really exciting. It was the wrong time for either of us to be in a long-term relationship.’

Allen Leech and girlfriend Charlie
The look of love: Allen Leech and girlfriend Charlie are smitten at the gala event. photo Credit: Independent

As it appears, they both are very career-minded and focusing on major goals of life. Since they are already like-minded, who knows things may start up again shortly?

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[Updated] According to the official Instagram of Allen Leech, he engaged with Jessica Blair Herman sometime back in 2018. Moreover, some sources also claim that Allen and Jessica tied the knot in the year 2019. Once we get more details on the wedding of the couple, we will immediately update the information.

Allen Leech Speculated to be Gay Before

Allen Leech was previously speculated to be gay, but he denied it all. Back in 2013, Allen Leech faced the question if he was gay, at a public event, but he claimed not to be and introduced his another ex-girlfriend, Doone Forsyth. When asked if he was gay with reference to a Michael Douglas movie, he answered,

‘I am in front of the candelabra. I am seeing a girl, We have been going out for a year.’

This cleared out his sexuality being straight and also revealed that he was dating a make-up artist Doone Forsyth prior to Charlie Webster.

Allen Leech and ex-girlfriend Doone Forsyth appearing as date in the Winter Whites Gala, 2013
Allen Leech and ex-girlfriend Doone Forsyth appearing as a date in the Winter Whites Gala, 2013

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Allen Leech Quick Bio Including Net Worth and Career

Irish actor Allen Leech’s bio states that his birth date is on 18th May 1981. He was born in Killiney, County Dublin and has four siblings. He is the third child out of his four siblings. Allen made his debut from a small drama, A Streetcar Named Desire. He has been a part of a number of TV shows, movies and dramas like  Queen and PeacockThe Morning After Optimism, Da, Cowboys and Angels,  Man About Dog, Love Is the Drug, The Tudors and so on.

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He gathered most of his fame from sensational drama series, Downtown Abbey. Allen’s name and fame are expanding as it is almost every day that he is leading to the list top sexy males in different magazines. His net worth is also growing with his movie, TV show projects. So, what is the figure of Allen Leech net worth? 

According to multiple sources, Allen Leech held an estimated net worth of $2 million in 2017. In fact, it’s been a while since the information became public. So, we are still reviewing the net worth of Allen Leech.