You might not be familiar with Alexandra Osteen, but there are high odds that you don’t know her father, Joel Osteen. As the daughter of the reputed American televangelist cum author, the daddy’s little princess has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. 

Being the daughter of the globally renowned author, Alexandra is a budding singer trying to make it big. So, today, we focus on the personal and family life of Osteen.

Early Life of Alexandra Osteen

The Houston-based-actress is born to celebrity father, Joel Osteen, and mother, Victoria Osteen. While everyone knows her dad, her mom is also a respected co-pastor of Lakewood Church and author of a few editorials.

The Osteen daughter currently goes to the University of Texas to pursue her academic degree. Surprisingly, her elder brother Jonathan Osteen graduated from the same institution as well. 

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Impressively, her father’s books are sold all around the world and were even listed in The New York Times Best Seller list.

Alexandra Osteen: Blooming as a Singer

Talent runs in the blood of the Osteen family since Alexandra Osteen is a blooming singer. The artist sang a few singles like ‘What a Beautiful Name,’ and ‘Never Gonna Stop Singing.’

YouTube: Alexandra Osteen’s What A Beautiful Name

Furthermore, she also released other songs like Feelin, To my Knees, and Grace to Grace.

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She slowly gathered a large fan following and has over 49 thousand followers on Instagram. There would be no surprise if Joel’s daughter would become an accomplished singer like her father in the long future. 

How Much is Alexandra Osteen’s Net Worth?

The juvenile singer, Alexandra Osteen, aged 20, has a lot of career paths to pursue. From her rookie singing career, she accumulates a staggering net worth of $150 thousand.

Meanwhile, her father owns a whopping net worth of $60 million. Considering such wealth of her dad, not many kids would try to pursue their own goals, but its brave of Alexandra to work on her singing. 

Alexandra Osteen’s Enormous House

The budding celebrity daughter, Alexandra Osteen, lives at a massive villa in River Oaks. Impressively, her mansion has an area of 17,000 square feet. 

The Osteen family lives a lavishing lifestyle happily in the house, worth $10.5 million.

Quick Facts: Alexandra Osteen

  • Her brother Jonathan Osteen graduated from the University of Texas at Austin on May 20, 2017.
  • The renowned singer is a fan of American Football and often goes to watch the matches in the stadium itself.
  • The gorgeous beauty loves traveling, and she went to Hawaii and Sydney back in March 2017 and July 2013.
  • She is a fan of the famous J.K Rowling movie series, Harry Potter.
  • The actress attended a Austin City Limits Music Festival back in October 2016.

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