Tennis stars are some of the most loved players in the world today. This sport is arguably the best for females or we can also say that female players have made it gender-discrimination free. Romanian tennis player Alexandra Dulgheru, without a doubt, is among the most successful tennis players.

If you have seen any of Alexandra Dulgheru’s matches, you would fall for talent. More importantly, you might have already known that she is doing great in terms of earnings as well. So, how much is the figure of her net worth? If you wanna get more information on both her professional and personal life, then this is the place to be.

Alexandra Dulgheru Net Worth and Earnings

Alexandra Dulgheru holds the net worth around $1.3 million as of 2019. So, what are the sources of her income? Well, her lucrative fortune credit goes mainly to her tennis career.

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The right-handed tennis player Dulgheru earns a total salary of 2.8k €, as of 2019. Similarly, she accumulated the total wealth of 1.9M €. till the date from her promising career. If you are willing to know about the income and prize money of tennis players around the world, Dulgheru can be a representative.

 Alexandra Dulgheru
Romanian Professional tennis player Alexandra Dulgheru.
Source: Whosdatedwho

You can see her major prize winnings from the latest to the past in the box below.

S. N.  Year Prize Money
1. 2019 $3,573
2. 2018 $251,010
3. 2017 $35,430
4. 2016 $128,827
5. 2015 $389,736
6. 2014 $146,805
7. 2013 $127,352
8. 2012 $73,932
9. 2011 $371,377
10. 2010 $519,762
11. 2009 $192,951
Total  Career $2,276,103

In addition, the tennis player also summons the decent bucks from her endorsements and sponsorship of products such as Sergio Tacchini and Tecnifibre. Consequently, she adds the revenue between $78.75 and $131.25 from her Instagram account through her ads post and promotion.

Is Alexandra Dulgheru Dating Anyone?

Alexandra Dulgheru is not dating anyone at the moment. As of now, she is 29  years old and seems highly focused on her profession rather than engaging in a romantic relationship.

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After a brief sneak-peek through her Instagram account, we found that she shares a healthy bond with some of her male friends. Nonetheless, she didn’t announce anyone as her boyfriend yet.

Alexandra Dulgheru Dating Anyone
Alexandra Dulgheru relishes the single life. 
Source: WTA Tennis

Considering her age, even if she announces her marriage anytime soon it will not be much of a wonder. Nevertheless, her fans have been waiting for a long time to see her become even happier in a relationship.

Alexandra Dulgheru’s Hobbies

Moving towards her hobbies, Alexandra Dulgheru loves reading books, watching movies, listening to music, painting, and drawing. Additionally, she is also interested in acting, dancing, and swimming. Let’s hope her next hobby will be exploring exotic lands with her would-be boyfriend.

Quick Facts About Alexandra Dulgheru

How old is Alexandra Dulgheru?

29 years old

How tall is Alexandra Dulgheru?

5 Feet 8 inches

How much does Alexandra Dulgheru weigh?

60 kg

Who are Alexandra Dulgheru parents?

Dumitru Dulgheru (Father) and Doina Dulgheru (Mother)

Who is Alexandra’s sibling?

Bianca Dulgheru (sister)

What is Alexandra Dulgheru nationality?


What is Alexandra’s ethnicity?


Which languages can Dulgheru speak?

Romanian, English, and Spanish

What is the qualification of Alexandra?

economics from The University of Economic Studies.

Who is Alexandra Dulgheru coach?

Gabriel Urpi