Alex Kramer is the epitome of bravery and courage for sharing such a vulnerable story of her to the world. The British woman endured tough times with fertility and suffered not just one or two miscarriages, but 35. But, Kramer is still going stronger to fulfill her dreams to have more beautiful children.

Alex Kramer’s Story Of 35 Miscarriages

Alex Kramer is currently 42 years old, as of 2020. The TV presenter is proud of two children and wants to add more offsprings to her family. However, life has been cruel to Alex to fulfill those dreams and made her struggle with fertility for years and countless times.

TV Presenter Alex Kramer with daughter Isobella and son Josh Breerton.
Source: Instagram

Kramer had her first child aka daughter Isobella Breerton in January 2013. But, the journey to finally welcome and embrace her first beloved child was nothing like compared to most women. It took her several attempts and nine heartbreaking miscarriages followed by the first one that took place at a GP’s office.

Kramer then suffered five more miscarriages prior to having her second child, son Josh Breerton in July 2014. Since welcoming her second child, Alex has been longing and trying for a third child. But, unfortunately, she had to suffer 20 miscarriages.

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One can only imagine what this bravo woman had to go through. Alex Kramer, however, hasn’t given up yet and has been an inspiration to many women like her. While Kramer still wants her answer from Science behind her losses, the TV presenter is still positive and wants people to be kind to everyone.

Alex Kramer Is Engaged To Boyfriend Scott Breerton

On the bit brighter note, TV Presenter Alex Kramer didn’t have to go through this alone. She had the full support of her partner to back her emotionally and in every possible way to grieve the losses of their babies that couldn’t make it.

TV Presenter Alex Kramer and fiance, Scott Breerton.
Source: Instagram

Alex Kramer is happily engaged to her long-term boyfriend turned fiance, Scott Breerton with whom she resides in London along with their two beautiful children. The couple is yet to walk down the aisle, though.

Alex Kramer Earns Attractive Money With Ideal Net Worth

The TV Presenter Alex Kramer who has been in the showbiz industry for the past fifteen years rejoices a great career that pays her enough to live a decent life. But, how much is she exactly worth?

The current host of QVC Style, Beauty and Extra was previously employed at Five News as a Weather Girl, BBC3, The Travel Channel, ITV 1, MTV, BBC 1, and Channel 4 among others. As per Payscale, TV hosts can make £40,000 on a yearly basis on the average.

But, while the wealth details of Alex Kramer isn’t publicized, she can be estimated to make more with a net worth acquired at more than $200,000 with her decade long career.

Quick Facts Of Alex Kramer

  • Kramer is the graduate of St Mary’s University and Surrey Institute.
  • Holds a Certified degree in hypnosis from St. Mary and a Bachelor of Arts & Journalism from Surrey.
  • Naturally a brunette.
  • Clean Driving License holder.
  • Visited the Myan City Of Mexico in 2019.

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