When it comes to an elegant car, driving upscale engines and reviewing how magnificent they are, Supercar Blondie YouTube channel,  gears up the following particulars. You must have come across ‘Ferrari in Bubble’ video which has surpassed 20 million views, and it enticed you to be familiar with Alex Hirschi.

Being a native Australian, she drives and reviews luxurious cars along the beautiful streets of Dubai? Is Alex Hirschi married? Get to know here!

Let’s uncover who Supercar Blondie Alex Hirschi’ married life, her husband, a career as the YouTuber, net worth, and Wiki-Bio including her age, family line and interesting facts about her.

Alex Hirschi Married to Husband Nil Hirschi

It is human nature to investigate the private affairs of the people; they love to see on the screen. So, it’s a probable coincidence if you have tried fetching the marital status of Supercar Blondie Alex Hirschi.

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You might have tabbed the world Alex Hirschi marriage or husband on the top of the Google search box.


Hold your emotion guys! Alex Hirschi is married to her husband Nil Hirschi. Though she has tight-lipped the facts and figures on wedding details as well as her married life with Nil Hirschi, the recent news of Valentine day shall blow your mind.

On February 14th, 2018, Alex Hirschi husband Nil Hirschi amazed her with Ferrari 488 spider embellished with thousand red, pink and white roses. She had a dream to own it, and eventually, her loving hubby fulfilled her wish.

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Isn’t that sweet? What’s more cherry on the cake is that he filmed the entire day of Alex with her dream car.

Caption; Nil Hirschi gifting Supercar Blondie the Ferrari 488 Spiders

Furthermore, Superblondie’s Instagram video on her surprising Ferrari 488 spider moment received 60k views in just one day. Previously, her fans voted the dream car Ferrari 488 spider nearly more than 19000 times in car polls.

How much is the Net Worth of Alex Hirschi?

As of 2019, Alex Hirschi has a net worth of approximately $1 million. So, how does Hirschi make her fortune? Well, the world’s most sophisticated car brands associate with Alex Hirschi and get their cars review. As a result, it influenced car hipster to join the community of luxurious car brands.

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Who would not want those deluxe automobiles swift away on the streets of Dubai? She coincides with the meaning of the world’s expensive car fulfilling the lust of who would desire a ride for.

Alex Hirschi extravagant car

One of her videos Ferrari in a Bubble accumulated more than twenty million views. It was shared among Facebook content by numerous car hipsters.

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Her net worth accounts on YouTube videos where she gathers and surpasses the car entertainment world to the fans. Recently, Supercar Blondie has now tried to launch her own caps line.

Fro her official YouTube Channel, Alex Hirschi makes as much as $7.4 thousand to $119 thousand per month while yearly, she generates as much as $1.4 milion. Similarly, from her Instagram account, the lady makes as much as $6,771 to $11,285. She earns from her socials by posting ads on it.

Alex Hirschi’ Wiki-Bio; Age, Family, and Facts!

Alex was born on 1st September 1985, Brisbane, Australia. The 33 years old Alex Hirschi garnered attention from social media user via her love for supercars and luxurious swift ride in Dubai Streets.

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She belongs to Australian nationality and white ethnicity. Now, she resides in Dubai with her husband.

Her adoration for supercars derived from parents since they used to share the same passion for riding lavish swifts.

I’m not sure why that is [the passion for cars], but i think it comes down to two things – coming from a driving culture and having parents who love to drive. We would go on 12-hour road trips into the country, so i spent a lot of time in cars,’

Also, she recalled her memory of mother driving to LA on her birthday.

“My mum likes to remind me of the birthday treat i asked for when i was just 13… and that was for them to hire a stretch limo for my birthday when we traveled to LA.”

Alex’s YouTube channel has more than 350K subscribers till date accompanied by more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

Alex Hirschi’s Body Measurement

  • Height = Alex Hirschi has a height of 5 feet 6 inches.
  • Weight = Alex weighs around 55 kg.
  • Body Measurement = Her body measurement is around  32-24-33 inches.
  • Age = As of 2019, her age is 33.