MTV’s new reality series “Floribama Shore,” a reboot of “Jersey Shore,” set in Panama City Beach, Florida, films a house full of young party-goers with eight cast members in the mix. The Alabama native Aimee Hall who joined the cast has a sprinkling of Southern charm and describes herself as a Princess Goddess Mermaid. She said in the previous clips that she just wanted to have one-night stands. Is Aimee Hall dating affair the reason behind such statement? Or has Aimee Hall married already? Let’s know the details along with Aimee Hall wiki facts like age, height, and family and also Aimee Hall net worth.

Who is Aimee Hall from MTV Floribama Shore?

Aimee Hall is known by her full name “Aimee Elizabeth Hall” on the social media platform like Twitter and Instagram. She describes herself as a Princess Goddess Mermaid and is a native of Perdido, Alabama. According to her bio on

Caption: Aimee Hall is one of the contestants of MTV Floribama Shore.

Aimee Hall loves the beach, knows how to party, and can shotgun a beer. She used to work as a bartender at a place called The Scrap Yard before her appearance in the MTV’s reality show Floribama Shore. During a phone interview, she said:

I am not an actress. I’m just me. I have the biggest personality, I know. I’m super-goofy. I’m serious, too. I’m a hot mess.

She fits into a rowdy crowd who will spend about a month in front of the cameras.

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Aimee Hall Dating; Who is Aime Hall Boyfriend?

From the statement “I just want to have one-night stands,” it is clear that Aimee Hall is currently single and is ready to have some fun with boys. She is armed with incredible life experiences and is trying to escape the past of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. So, who was Aimee Hall Boyfriend? Let’s know the details of Aimee Hall dating affair:

Before coming on the show, Aimee split with her boyfriend of 10 years and ended the dating relationship with him. So far, she has not disclosed the name of her ex-boyfriend yet. Aimee and her ex-boyfriend started dating each other since 2010. The relationship was running smoothly unless Aimee found that her boyfriend got another girl pregnant. Not only Aimee Hall boyfriend made another girl pregnant, he also cheated on her with her cousin. So, Aimee ended the relationship with her ex-boyfriend and is now ready to mingle.

She said:

I just got out of a really bad relationship, for 10 years and to be honest, I just needed a break from home. I had applied for ‘Party Down South’ a year ago, and I didn’t get that. But I had just prayed, ‘God, send me on the road. I’m ready

As Aimee Hall is trying to forget her doomed past, she must find a perfect partner in her life. The partner may be one of the cast members of the Floribama Shore. So, who will be the next Aimee Hall boyfriend? We will eventually see whether Aimee Hall makes a boyfriend in the show or not. For more updates, stay connected, we will soon update you more on Aimee Hall dating life!

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Aimee Hall Married; Is Aimee Hall Pregnant With A Child?

Aime Hall is an unmarried woman. She has no husband and children and is living a single life. Neither she is pregnant with any child. During 10 years of relationship with her ex-boyfriend, she was never pregnant with any of his child. But her ex-boyfriend did get another girl pregnant.

Thus as of now, Aimee Hall married life, Aimee Hall children, Aimee Hall husband, and Aimee Hall pregnant are all future talks. She will get married to a husband in future. When she gets married, we will update you on Aimee Hall married life and her husband!

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Aimee Hall Wiki-Bio; Age, Birthday, Height, & Parents!

Born in the year 1992 in Perdido, Alabama, Aimee Hall birthday is on 1st of October according to her Twitter account. With the last birthday celebration, Aime Hall age is 25. Her age will be 26 in October 2018.

Caption: Aimee Hall celebrates her birthday on 1st of October. Her current age is 25.

Aimee is a good friend to Party Down South alum Ryan “Daddy” Richards. Her BFF on the show is Nilsa Prowant.

She graduated from Baldwin County High School. She loves her nephew and niece a lot.

Aimee has not disclosed information about her parents. In regards to Aimee Hall parents, we can say that she loves her mother a lot and often posts the picture of her mother on Instagram. She has not mentioned anything nor has posted a single picture of her father. She has a baby brother. Aimee loves her family.

TBT me and my mommy. I love her so much.

A post shared by Aimee Elizabeth Hall (@aimeeelizabethhall) on

Caption: Aimee Hall with her beautiful mother.

Aimee Hall’s height has not been disclosed by her. We will update you on Aimee Hall height later!

Aimee Hall Net worth

As a bartender, Aimee Hall must have accumulated some amount of money. So far, Aimee Hall net worth must be in thousands. She receives a huge amount of money per episode on MTV’s Floribama Shore. So, Aimee Hall net worth will drastically evolve over the month. Thus, stay updated, we will update you on Aimee Hall net worth very soon! As of 2017-2018, Aimee Hall net worth is under review.