When the word cinema strikes our ears, our brain comprehends it to the Hollywood cinematic scene but there are individuals from other nationalities as well who make it big in the world of cinema. Afsin Shahidi made it big in the world of Cinema despite being an Iranian, thanks to his special flairs.

Although a lot is known about the professional accomplishments of Shahidi, people are still unaware of the intricate details of his net worth, married life and much more. So, let’s dive right into the intricate details of his life.

Who is Afsin Shahidi?

Afshin Shahidi is a widely acclaimed Iranian cinematographer who rose to prominence as the photographer of late superstar Prince. Shahidi’s books on the late superstar titled ‘Prince: A Private View’ goes down in history as one of the most sold biographical books. Moreover, he is also famous for being the father of actress Yara Shahidi and actor Sayeed Shahidi.

How much is Afshin Shahidi’s Net Worth?

Afshin Shahidi amassed a net worth of $1 million through his active and successful career that won millions of hearts. In fact, with his longstanding career as a cinematographer in a variety of fields including advertisements, movies, music videos, and campaigns, he summoned this hefty fortune.

Afshin Shahidi holds a massive Net Worth.

As a matter of fact, he wrote a biographical book on Prince titled ‘Prince: A Private View’ which went on to become a massive hit with millions of copies sold till date. To add up, the book itself added some $250 thousand to $500 thousand to his wealth.

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What does the Personal Life of Afshin Shahidi Look Like?

Exploring the depths of Afshin Shahidi’ personal life, and current relationship status, he is enjoying a blissful married life with his wife. In fact, Afsin married Keri Shahidi over two decades ago but their love is still witnessing an upwards curve.

The duo is proud parents to 3 children: actress Yara Shahidi, actor Sayeed Shahidi, and Ehsan Shahidi.

Afshin with his wife and children
Source: Daily Mail

The lovely couple welcomed their first lovechild, Yara back on 10th February 2000 and their second son was born on Valentine’s Day 2003. However, the lovebirds didn’t disclose the details on the birth of their third child.

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Afshin and his gorgeous wife always put their best foot forward to support their children’s acting career. As a matter of fact, they soothed their daughter’s presence on the set of ABC’s Black-ish. 

Also, their son Sayeed commenced his acting career at the age of seven and contributed his acting talents to numerous movies and series like The First Family, Uncle Buck, and Blackish.

Quick facts: Afshin Shahidi

Where and when was Afshin Shahidi born?

Iran, September 7, 1969

What is the nationality of Afshin Shahidi ?


What is the profession of Afshin Shahidi ?


Who is Afshin Shahidi married to?

Keri Shahidi

What is Afshin Shahidi’s birth sign?


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