A lot of marriages pass through many ordeal experiences but only those marriages who brace those circumstances overcome and learn the part of growing up. Adrienne Bolling and her husband suffered the loss of the only son and now the couple braced themselves and focused on making their relationship happier.

Adrienne Bolling is a famous personality known for marrying Eric Bolling, a famous Television personality currently working for CRTV news agency company. Unfortunately, the Bolling family goes through an immense disruptive phase in their life. The duo lost their only child, a son for suspicious reasons. Here, today we will discuss Adrienne’s marriage, husband, net worth and the reason behind son’s death. So, without any further ado. Let’s jump right in the article.

Adrienne Bolling’s Married Life: His Wife and Children

Adrienne Bolling married Eric Bolling a famous financial commentator, a political commentator as well as a Television personality. The couple tied the knot on 4 October 1997 and is together for more than 21 years.

Adrienne Bolling
Bolling and his wife, Adrienne: Source: WireImage

They first met through a mutual friend, Gretchen Carlson. The duo was in a dating relationship for a while and quickly skipped to their engagement. Currently,  the pair is happy and still going strong till this day.

Bollings, however, had to go through many ups and downs in life. She went through her husband getting fired and the death of her only son.

Eric Bolling Fired by Fox News?

Eric was involved in a controversy, the consequence of which, lead him to lose his job. In August 2017, the report says Bolling allegedly sent an inappropriate and offensive photos to his three-women co-worker at Fox News. Moreover, those women accused him of making wildly inappropriate comments about them.

Consequently, Fox News suspended Bolling until the outcome of the investigation. Later, his attorney Michael J.Bowe claimed there were no such offensive comments occurred and Bolling will like to pursue legal remedies in response to the accusations.

In September 2017, Fox News fired Erice Bolling anyway due to his bad reputation and involvement in sexual accusation against former women colleagues.

Adrienne Bolling’s Tragic Loss

Adrienne and her husband shared a son together, Eric Chase Bolling born in the year 1998. However, Eric died on 8 September 2017 at the tender age of 19. Many people speculated he attempted suicide because of the emotional torture.

Adrienne Bollings
Adrienne Bolling’s husband and son together: Source: Facebook

At the time of death, Fox News just fired his father and in an investigation revealed, Eric C. Bolling sent explicit photos of him to other female students. Due to bad timing of death, many people assumed it was the consequence of his father losing his job.

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In an autopsy report, the cause of death was from an accidental drug overdose. Eric Chase took a mixture of cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, Fentanyl, and Cyclopropyl fentanyl which then led to his death.

How Much Is Adrienne Bolling’s Net Worth?

As of 2019, Adrienne Bolling shares a combined net worth with her husband of $25 million. However, the exact amount Adrienne earns from her secret career is still unavailable.

Eric Bollings’s Net Worth

Eric Bolling is one of the successful TV hosts and also an author. Likewise, he hosted Fox News Channel‘s  The Five at its inception. Further, Bolling received around $3 million as an annual salary while working in Fox News.

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Besides acting, he also writes books. His book; Wake Up America: The Virtues That Made Our Nation Great became the New York Time bestseller. The book has a selling price of $46.35.

Once it was revealed that The Bollings, Adrienne Bolling and her husband Eric Bolling lost a whopping $2 million contract just because he had to read a storybook to his son. Can you believe it?

In conclusion, Adrienne Bolling is living a lavish life with her spouse. Despite the loss of their son, Adrienne continues to be supportive of her husband. The Bollings is also religious and they often attend St. Patric’s Cathedral to light candles.

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New York City

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