Adrien Brody is brooding and charismatic just like his name suggests. All his fans are crazy over his acting skills infused with his handsome personality. But do his fans know how much of a sweetheart he really is with his lover?

Let’s find out if his lover is his girlfriend or his wife. Let’s also know more of his movies, awards, net worth, and everything about him detailed!

Adrien is dating his model girlfriend; Could they possibly be getting married?

Adrien Brody is dating a Russian supermodel who goes by the name of Lara Lieto. The couple seems to be joined by the hip as they go out very frequently. They have quite achieved the feat in the dating game as they are dating for the fifth year by 2017 already!

The couple was spotted most recently in Manchester where Adrien was supposedly filming a movie and his girlfriend Lara had been there as his support. They also had to take a short ship trip on the Mediterranean waters which got his girlfriend a bit sick.

 Adrien providing comfort to his seasick girlfriend as they go out on a date in May of 2017

Photo Credit: Splash News

Adrien and Lara do know how to make heads turn by their gallant presence. They were also spotted getting very cozy with each other in the Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet.

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Adrien and Lara have been together since 2012 as it was love at first sight for Adrien. He decided then and there to be persuading her so he took her to America and that’s how their love life started. Till now they are very happy together and there is no stopping for this couple.

As for marriage rumors, there has been no confirmation from the couple but we think we might hear some good news from them soon.

Adrien Brody Past Affairs

Adrien was previously dating Elsa Pataky in the year 2006. He claimed to be spellbound when he first met her. In the past, he talked very fondly about Elsa saying,

“The first time I saw her I was completely spellbound. I told Elsa later that I was so uncomfortable because she was so beautiful and so lovely and sweet. I became very self-conscious. But I remember everything.”

But things changed when Adrien started getting serious and Elsa wasn’t. She probably gave him the cliché breakup line of It’s not you, It’s me. Things ended for them in 2008 and Elsa was very quick to be grabbing another man in her life.

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Elsa flew two full nights to Paris, France after her break-up with Adrien just to be with hot Frenchman named Oliver Martinez.

Things officially ended between Adrien and Elsa when she was seen with Oliver. Adrien seemed heartbroken but he healed and things have turned out to be well for both the pair.

As of now Elsa is married to Chris Hemsworth in the year 2010 and are now proud parents of three super cute children.

Adrien Brody: a short bio, movies, awards, and net worth

American actor Adrien Brody was born on April 14th, 1973. He has starred in a lot of movies like The Pianist (2002), Bread and Roses, The Village, Predators, the 2005 version of King Kong, The Thin Red Line, New York Stories, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited, etc. he is such big star in the field of acting who has given back to back hits in this career.

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His acting skills have won many awards like Academy Award which he won at the age of 29 and was claimed as the youngest actor to win in this category. He also won the Oscars award for the best actor in 2003 for his movie “The Pianist”.

Caption: Proud moment for Oscar as he wins the Oscars award for best actor in 2003.

Other awards that he has won in the year 2003 are César Award for Best Actor and National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor. He has won other very valuable awards as well. So, how much is his net worth? Adrien Brody grand success has a net worth of $16 million.