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Is American TV Actress Beth Riesgraf Dating? Is She Married Again?

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We wont ask you to think about being single parent to nurture your child, but you might not know how hard it really is even for actress. Just a mere breakup would not be breathtaking, but having a child from previous boyfriend could be something unexpected. We are talking about the American TV actress Beth Riesgraf. She is the one who always tried her best in her career, being perfect dughter and mother too. Lets know about mother of oe child Beth Riesgraf dating life!

Is Beth Riesgraf Dating Someone?

Beth Riesgraf do have husband but on-screen. In the TV show Complications, she has husband Jason O’Mara. What about off-screen then? We have information about Beth seeing a man. Well, she should be dating as she is one beautiful girl with no one as boyfriend.

The Irish actor of the ‘Come Fly With Me’, Alan Smyth is the one she is dating. This news is still not the true story, as it is tagged as news in different wiki websites. We found it more assuring when we surfed through this tweet:

Beth Riesgraf Dating History: Boyfriend Jason Lee, and Their Child

In the career history of Beth, she has never played parental role in any shows. It is possible that she is trying to conceal the fact that she is playing parental role in her own life. She has a son, from her previous boyfriend Jason Lee.

Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf

Jason and Beth split up in 2007. Their child, Pilit Inspektor Riesgraf Lee was born in 2003; 4 years before the couple broke up. As of the news, Jason met Beth in 2000, and started dating in 2001 officially. They were in living-in relationship, and never married. Despite the fact that she is not caring much of getting married or giving father name to her child; followers and fans are still ready to take responsibility.

Beth Riesgraf SingleBeth Riesgraf’s Love Trivia

Beth’s previous boyfriend is Jason Lee, with who she broke up in 2007, and so-called boyfriend is Jason O’Mara which is yet to be confirmed. Both’s name is Jason. Is she trying to find someone named Jason? Is she not able to forget her previous boyfriend?

Who is Beth Riesgraf?

Beth Riesgraf, formerly Beth Jean Riesgraf is the American actress born in 24 August 1978, in the USA. She is the youngest daughter of her parents. Beth started her career from 2000 and the latest TV show she acted on are Complications and The Librarians.

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