Hollywood actor Abe Vigoda, best known for the role of Salvatore Tessio in the movie The Godfather, left the world at the age of 95 years from natural cause. He featured in more than 2 dozens of movies until he called it quits to the acting career.

Abe Vigoda was a gifted actor with sound health and also the owner of million dollars including houses, cars, lifestyle. Well, scroll down to look closely for the following information.

Who was Abe Vigoda?

Abe Vigoda was born on February 24, 1921, in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. In addition, Hy Vigoda and Bill Vigoda are his younger brothers and their parents are Samuel Vigoda and Lena Moses.

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The elder son, Abe, shifted from his birthplace to Woodland Park, New Jersey in order to pursue his career in the Hollywood industry as an actor and also test the level of success.

Abe Vigoda’s Net Worth? How Much Did He Earn?

Abe Vigoda held a net worth of $10 million. He gathered his fortune from the profession as an actor as he was active in the Hollywood industry since 1949 t0 2014.

YouTube: Abe Vigado’s Movies List

The actor was well known for his role in the movie The Godfather (1972) that made $245 million to $286 million at the box office. Likewise, Good Burger (1997) collected around $23.7 million, Crime Spree(2003) collected $2.295 million, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm(1993) raised $5.8 million, Look Who’s Talking(1989) earned $297 million, and many more.

YouTube: Abe Vigado’s House!

The beloved actor of Hollywood industry resided in his own house in Brooklyn, New York City which values more than a million dollars. Similarly, he also owned some of the luxurious cars of the world.

Personal Life of Abe Vigoda: Who is his wife?

The owner of million dollars, Abe Vigoda firstly married Sonja Gohlke. During their married relationship, Vigoda and his first wife, Gohlke gave birth to a daughter, Carol Vigoda. Their marriage could not last long as they ended up in a divorce.

Abe Vigado dies at 94
Abe Vigado with his daughter.
Source: daily entertainment news

Abe Vigado was a twice-married man as he secondly exchanged the wedding vows with Beatrice Schy on 25 February 1968. Maybe the couple was not in the mood of separating but sadly, on 30 April 1992, Vigoda’s second wife, Schy passed away.

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The voice actor was not blessed with any kids with second wife Beatrice till her death. And after she left, he did not want to marry another woman. Instead, he lived with his daughter till his death on 26 January 2016. 

Abe Vigoda Body Measurements/stats

Abe Vigoda was very handsome, creative, skilled and honest as well. He had a very deep and distinct voice that remained his trademark throughout his career.

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The late actor, Vigoda stood at 6 feet and 4 inches, an average in Hollywood. His eyes were of dark color he had bushy eyebrows towards his last days.

Quick Facts Of Abe Vigoda

When and where was Abe Vigoda born?

 February 24, 1921, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States

When and where did Abe Vigoda Die?

January 26, 2016, Woodland Park, New Jersey, United States

Who were Abe Vigoda’s Parents?

Samuel Vigoda and Lena Moses

Who are the siblings of Abe Vigoda?

Hy Vigoda and Bill Vigoda

What was the nationality of Abe Vigoda?


How old was Abe Vigoda?


Where was Abe Vigoda burried?

Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, New York.