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You don’t always need a beautiful body or face to make a career in the Showbiz industry. A beautiful voice will also do the same work for you! The same goes for our talented and beautiful voice artist Abby Trott.

Knowingly unknowingly, a lot of us have heard the voice of Abby Trott. With her voice in many characters in the movies and games, she has earned immense fame and with that, huge net wort as well. But most of us are quite an amateur if we talk about Abby. So, what about her heart in a personal world? Has she given her heart to her any guys? Let’s know more about her personal life.

Who is Abby Trott?

Abby Trott is an American voice actress famous for beautiful and clear voice of Kim Wu in the movie Killer Instinct, Maya Fey in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Sprits of Justice, and Ivy in the Netflix Carmen Sandiego series.

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Apart from those, Abby has provided many characters alive by giving her beautiful voices in the numerous TV series and Gaming sectors. Recently, she contributes her voice to Keelhaul a character of famous game Fortunate: Save the World.

What is the Net Worth of  Abby Trott?

The voice actor Abby Trott enjoys a net worth of $1 million as of 2019. The main sources of her fortune are her professional career as a voice artist. In the States, a voice actor’s salary ranges from $100 to $250 per hour.

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With 51 credits to her name in the voice acting, you can just imagine how much experience she has from her professional career as a voice artist, with talent and experience, she surely receives a decent amount of salary from her contribution on different projects.

YouTube: The voice of Abby Trott in Nier Trott.

Some of Abby Trott’s contributions of voice include like Rilakkuma and Kaoru, Carmen Sandiego, Treehouse Detectives, Transformers: Power of the Primes and many more. Likewise, her voice also can be heard in the famous gaming world like Fortunate: Save the World, Spider-Man, Halo Wars 2, NieR Automata to name few from list of work.

How is Abby Trott’s Personal Life? Is She Married?

Putting some knowledge to Abby Trott’s love life, it’s hard to tell if she is seeing someone at the moment, she looks like she is enjoying her single life at the moment. She is very concerned about her personal matter and does not share that much information to the public.


The voice of many anime and gaming characters, Abby never married or ever engaged till date. Usually, Abby keeps her romantic life out of the press and has never appeared with any guys in the public that could start the speculations and rumors.

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Kim Wu’s voice in Killer Instinct, Abby is very secretive about her personal matter, so it is possible she might be seeing someone secretly, but even if Abby is, she wouldn’t reveal to the public as she does not want media attention for her personal reason. Furthermore, she is much more interested in having fun and conquering big career-wise that settling down.


Living her life as low as possible and out of media attention, she has made her fans wonder about her more. However, active in the social networking Instagram, she does not let any loopholes about her love life not even by mistake.

Abby Trott: Body Measurements

Abby Trott has a slim body figure with an average height of 5 feet 3 inches and an average weight of 52kg. Likewise, Abby has dark brown hair with a pair of attractive brown eyes.

Quick Facts of Abby Trott

Where and when was Abby Trott born?

Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA, May 8, 1986

What nationality does Abby Trott belong to?


What is Abby Trott’ ethnicity?


What is Abby Trott’ eye color?


Which color of hair does Abby Trott have?


How tall is Abby Trott?

5 feet 3 inch

How old is Abby Trott?

33 years old