Aaron Pico’s debut fight was good but he excelled in his second fight with a one punch K.O. win at Bellator 183.  Aaron Pico was competing on his 21st birthday and had his best birthday gift ever, Aaron Pico (1-1 MMA, 1-1 BMMA) and Justin Linn (7-4 MMA, 0-1 BMMA) was one hell of a fight giving Aaron him the first victory of his MMA career.

Aaron Pico landed his deadly left hand short to Justin Linn at the 3:45 marks of Round 1. As a part of the Bellator 183, the featherweight aired on Spike on Saturday at the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif. It was one hell of a show and Aaron Pico and his opponent Linn pulled off a great show. Pico was super composed and came out swinging right away, he only used his vaunted wrestling to knock out Linn. Aaron also took some great shorts landed by Linn but he waited for the right moment to strick and at the at the 3:45 marks he landed his perfect short. After the fight in an interview, he said;

“I’m really happy right now – really happy,” “It’s a proud moment to get my first victory, something I’ll always remember on my 21st birthday.”

Well, it was indeed a great present for his birthday bu himself and he shall never forget this moment.

Does this 21-year-old have a girlfriend or too focused working out in the gym !

At a very young age, Aaron Pico has achieved a lot and is now focused more than anything for his MMA career. Though Pico seems to be a very focused guy he has some distraction as well and we must say a sweet distraction. For all the ladies fan out there your heart is going to be shattered as Aaron Pico has a girlfriend, and she is very beautiful. Though Aaron girlfriend is not all over his Instagram, there is some pic of the couple while there are having a great time together. Aaron recently posted a picture of his girlfriend on his Instagram while they were flying in a private jet together. And his caption was “Having a great time.”


There is also another picture of the couple while they are having a ride together enjoying their moments as a it couple.


Aaron Pico seems as a very loving boyfriend to his girl and often travels together with her. While it is unsure when the couple started dating but in an interview, Aaron was talking about marriage. Yes, you heard it right, he is so in love with his girlfriend that he wants to marry her, in an interview he said;

One day, he says, he’s going to marry his girlfriend and have a bunch of kids and buy a ranch and have horses. The mood is tenser than it was, but there’s still some lightness. Pico seems to welcome a reporter’s questions; a chance to think about something besides the fight.

he also added;

 “Everything’s going according to plan.”

Well, we wish Aaron Pico and his girlfriend nothing but the best in for their future as a couple together.