After spending for a while inside the jail, the rapper known as 600 Breezy who also prefers to be known as Six-O-Breezo was finally set free and walked freely. The 27-year-old rapper recognized by “24 Bars” was sentenced for a possible ten years in jail due to the probation violation in June 2017.

However, the Chicago rapper was released after spending 16 months inside the prison. On Wednesday, 12th December 2018, he was, however, discharged from the Iowa Department of Corrections custody.

Now, the set free 600 Breezy won’t be facing 10 years in the jail. To celebrate his releases, on 14th December 2018, he dropped a new project titled First Forty-8 to his beloved fan followers. 

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So, let’s learn more about the popular rapper 600 Breezy with consideration in revealing his real name, net worth, personal life, body measurements, biofacts, and more.

600 Breezy Released From The Prison

During his homecoming following his sixteen months imprisonment, the content rapper, 600 Breezy went on Instagram to record himself live and shared the happy news to his fans. In his words, he said:

This shit real, nigga. They thought I wasn’t coming back

Yeah, I’m back, nigga. They though it was over. Who got ten years, nigga? Fuck they talkin’ ’bout. They thought I had 10 years, nigga. That’s crazy

600 Breezy was sentenced to 10 years prison time after the judge ruled that he had violated his probation stemming from the 2012 charge that involved drug in Waterloo, Lowa. However, to save the rapper from the grave, his lawyer Tina Muhammad was a big help.

In February 2018, Breezy lawyer filed a motion to have his sentenced altered to the courts. She wrote in her statement that read:

“King is a contributing member of society as he is gainfully employed as a successful entertainer with a record deal and royalties,”

Also, Muhammad continued:

 “King has been writing music and working while incarcerated and can instantly become a benefit to society and his family upon release.”

After hearing to Mrs. Muhammad and a little effort from the rapper’s lawyers, the court listened and decied to set him free on probabtion once again.

600 Breezy Bio: Age, Early life, Childhood

Born on 16th April 1991 in the city of Illinois, 600 Breezy is an American rapper who lives in Chicago. He is of African-American ethnicity who holds the nationality of American. Because of his celebrity status, he doesn’t speak much when it comes to his personal life to the public. So, his parents and siblings’ identities remain unknown to this date.

The 28-year-old rapper didn’t spell the beans since his school days but from the young age, he was fond of playing with music. As per his bio, he has remained tight lips regarding revealing more on his life. The rapper, stands tall at a height of 6 feet 5.

600 Breezy, who celebrates his birthday on 16th April, was born with the real name Antonio Valentino King. Before he appeared in the music industry, King became a member of the Black Disciples Gang. Moreover, his song lyrics typically involve gang relations.

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600 Breezy Net Worth? His Journey Towards Stardom.

The Chicago based rapper was first introduced to rapping world by rapping fellow gang member and artist LA Capone. Unfortunately, the rapper was killed in 2013 and in his defamers, 600 dropped track Don’t Get Smoked on YouTube. The song became a local favorite and eventually reached more than 7 million views.

To continue the legacy of Capone and 600 Black Disciple gang, the 28-year-old rapper didn’t stop continuing grinding in music. Then, he released freestyle series 24 Bars which earned high praise on War In Chraq YouTube channel created by DJ Akademiks. Akademiks also praised the rapper first mixtapes which helped 600 Brezzy rise into prominence.

Moreover, the famous hip-hop artist and Grammy winning rapper Drake even reached out to the Chicago based rapper. Since then, this led the two to have a good bond in their relationship and are often seen hanging out.

600 Breezy also released his second mixtape George Gervin: Iceman Edition in 2016.  Till the year of 2018, he has dropped music including Plug, Sixosh*t, Tap Jumpin, Whatsup, Fuck It Up, Fifty, Legal and many more. With his release from the jail, he surely didn’t stop grinding with his love for the music and has been bringing different rapping taste to his fan followers.

Recently, on November 5, 2019, the man again released a new freestyle video. The rap was titled Murder Rate Music Pt. 2. The song currently has 77,697 views while having over 4.2 thousand upvotes and just 140 downvotes. 

YouTube: 600 Breezy new music video

As of 2018, 600 Breezy net worth estimation is $1 million which he accumulated from his rap career and constant world tour. The rappers in United States on an average earns $62,142 but oncsidering Breezy’s status and career in music, he definetely earns more.

600 Breezy Girlfriend or Wife? Has he cherished the children love?

The 28-year-old, Chicago based rapper is quite a silent guy when it comes to unfolding his romantic and love life. However, he doesn’t miss any chance to flaunt for his love on the social media. 600 Breezy hasn’t spoken much about his girlfriend who’s name is on_her_money on her Instagram but has shared a beautiful picture together. On 2nd July, he shared their picture with a caption Love (with lips emoji) God is Good!

There isn’t any clue of when did their romance began, but when he wasn’t in jail, she took care of their children. Yes, the rapper has already cherished the love by being the father of children. He is the father of two children, son Breezo Jrr and daughter Aalani.

On 20th June 2015, he posted a picture with his son by telling the fan member he doesn’t post his personal life on the Father’s Day. He wrote

I don’t post my personal life cause people don’t need to kno to much about me but when it come to this one. Everyday is Father’s Day. Breezo Jr 😏 my young king thinking of a master plan 😂Future heartbreaker 😊😈

Also, when his second child came into their family, 600 Breezy took to his Instagram by saying he cannot love any woman until his daughter teach him how to love. A sweet caption melted many peoples heart which reflects how much he loves his children.

So, The Chicago rapper isn’t dating any girlfriend yet. Also, he hasn’t married yet. Still, there isn’t any official news who is the mother of 600 Breezy children.

In May 2019, speculations surfaced that 600 Breezy was rumored to be dating Ashley Jones from Teen Mom, but none of the indivudual neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

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