Youtuber Alex Dorame known for her bright hair, has a boyfriend? Since when are they dating?

If you haven’t noticed Alex Dorame for her shiny bright hair, then you probably stumbled across her entertaining YouTube videos which make her famous. Her personality is as colorful as her hair, and there are a lot of men who would want to know about her love life. So, let’s find out if she is dating […]

Millie Mackintosh confirms engagement to Hugo Taylor after splitting up with Professor green

The former ‘Made in Chelsea’ star Millie Mackintosh, 28 (she is 29 years old as of 2019), is engaged to an old ex and fellow MIC co-star, Hugo Taylor, 31, rekindling their romance after a year. Photo credit: Digital Spy  The couple celebrated Mackintosh’s birthday on holiday in Greece where she was spotted wearing a massive […]

Serious About Quitting Smoking; Follow These Top 5 Effective Tips to Quit Smoking.

Having a trouble to quit smoking? Here’s the solution for your trouble. When an object handles your emotional turbulence or when that particular object becomes a trendsetter among the teenagers/youngsters, with no time, it becomes an addiction. Why would anyone smoke knowing it does nothing good for one’s health? When did that whimsical act of […]

Pretty Little Liars Actress Andrea Parker Divorced Her First Husband James Powers and Married Michael Birnbaum!

Andrea Parker is outstanding for her acting abilities. Her contribution to the American teen drama ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is worth appreciation. She is also a trained ballet dancer. The 47 years old performing artist is often in media for gossipy tidbits or some different news. She has a fascinating life too. Let us burrow into the […]

The ‘Not Impressed’ Poser McKayla Maroney Has No Boyfriend, Still She Foughtback For Instagram Critics! Know Her Fake Plastic Surgery News and Whooping Net Worth!

McKayla Maroney is a familiar name in the world of sports, especially in gymnastics. She is a well-known gymnast among youngsters. She had won the gold medal in the 2012 summer Olympics. At a very young age, gold medal in the Olympics isn’t it inspiring to a new generation? McKayla Maroney is involved in various […]

Want To Be A Happy Parents: Fertility Facts and Tips To Help You Get Pregnant On Time.

To be a pregnant is one of the precious moments of every woman. Pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks, from the first day of woman’s last menstruation period. A mother keeps their baby nine months in their womb. What to do before getting pregnant? Ovulation is the best time to get pregnant. This is the […]

Liam Payne’s Dating Life With Cheryl Cole: Both Became Parents Recently As They Welcomed Their First Child

Very few celebrities are lucky enough to find the perfect one and get married at an early age. Does getting married at a young age provide you long-lasting relationship? Or it might just end up in divorce. In the case of Liam Payne, ‘is the relationship with his girlfriend strong?’ His fans might be curious […]

Fashion icon/actor David Anders who is rumored to be gay dating someone? Let’s see who is his mysterious partner.

Coming out being gay or bisexual sure requires guts and along with it comes criticism from people who don’t support LGBT rights. Be it a celebrity or an ordinary individual; it’s a tough job to come out in public and wanting to be accepted by people. Stars in showbiz have also started coming out to their […]

Is Adrianne Curry Dating Someone After Divorcing Her Ex-Husband Christopher Knight? Know Her Dating History!

Most celebrities hook up with another partner after splitting up with the previous one. However, some start to focus on their career. Today, we are talking about the reality television personality and American model, Adrianne Curry. ‘What’s the reason behind her divorce?’ ‘Is she dating anyone?’ Such questions may arise in the mind of Curry’s huge […]

Actress Lois Laurel Hawes famously known as the daughter of comedian Stan Laurel dies at the age of 89!

Lois Laurel Hawes, the only daughter of comedy legend Stan Laurel, has died at Holy Cross Hospital in Granada Hills following a lengthy illness which was announced by her family on Saturday. She was 89. Photo credit: Flickr A family statement said she died late Friday night at a Los Angeles hospital after suffering from long illness. Hawes […]

Journalist Deneen Borelli married her husband for a long time with no issues! She proudly Debates Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal on Fox News!

Journalist as a profession is one of the toughest jobs ever seen, as to take interviews with high profile personalities on national television is no joke. You appear in front of their public every other day. In this case, hiding about your own personal life is quite impossible. But there are some journalists such as Megan […]

Carlos Condit Married Seager Marie McCullah, But Are They Together Now? Know MMA Fighter’s Relationship and Affairs!

Carlos Condit is a familiar name in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). At the very young age of eighteen, he turned into a professional fighter and had some successful fights. Rarely very few can turn into professional at that age, isn’t it? How much do you know about him? Carlos married his beautiful wife, Seager Marie McCullah. […]